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Something weird is going on, yet the reality of psychic phenomena is hidden because intuitive hits are seldom obvious and there are so many psychic errors. Although scientific evidence says that psychic phenomena are real, psychics rarely win lottery jackpots. Why is that?

Evidence increasingly indicates that our consciousness survives physical death, but very few people carry on conversations with loved ones who have passed away. Why is that?

The statistical probability that our universe exists at all is remote, yet the scientific paradigm is reluctant to entertain that it might be designed. Why is that?

Repeatedly, fewer people are involved in cataclysmic tragedies than would be expected for the time and location, yet most of us do not recognize intuitive hints to avoid serious misfortunes in our lives. Why is that?
For centuries, science dismissed much paranormal weirdness as coincidence without seriously looking at it. It is now discovering that we are experiencing more than coincidence. But much remains hidden, intuition is rarely obvious, and psychic errors abound. Why?

Why indeed? Hop aboard to explore some answers.